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US-2014158206-A1: Vent ice prevention method patent, US-6711439-B1: Evoked response variability as an indicator of autonomic tone and surrogate for patient condition patent, US-3826878-A: Echo suppressor for a speech circuit in a four-wire transmission system patent, US-3854924-A: 1,3,4-thiadiazine herbicides patent, US-3884334-A: Screw thread cutting apparatus patent, US-3888384-A: Easy opening end unit patent, US-3889941-A: Web feeding and folding apparatus patent, US-3890444-A: Drug composition patent, US-3902358-A: Apparatus for evaluating and testing the sharpness of points patent, US-3928746-A: Direct current power supply for manual arc welding patent, US-3967905-A: Self-sharpening pencil patent, US-3973928-A: Apparatus for diffusion separation patent, US-3989326-A: Tapered-roller bearing with massive cage patent, US-4069612-A: Animal snare assembly patent, US-4129978-A: Harvester swath pickup patent, US-4140910-A: Self-powered neutron flux detector patent, US-4197038-A: Face milling cutter head with rod-shaped cutters patent, US-4220378-A: Plate bearing patent, US-4222022-A: Variable inductor patent, US-4320827-A: Chain conveyor patent, US-4375663-A: Power failure early warning circuit for microprocessor with CMOS RAM memory patent, US-4422682-A: Device for checking and resetting smoke alarms patent, US-4439889-A: Stunning gun patent, US-4455685-A: Partial pressure jerkin patent, US-4467825-A: Shuttle valve assembly patent, US-4620069-A: Method and apparatus to determine whether a subscriber line is loaded or non-loaded patent, US-4783072-A: Sporting equipment patent, US-4815739-A: Golf putter patent, US-4864084-A: Membrane-type touch panel patent, US-4958178-A: Collapsible mounting type camera with zoom lens patent, US-5003349-A: Film card camera and method for preparing and printing original and duplicate film cards with silver film patent, US-5191097-A: Production of fatty acid salts patent, US-5574586-A: Simultaneous optical compression and decompression apparatus patent, US-5589835-A: Differential GPS receiver system linked by infrared signals patent, US-5665360-A: Method of treating peripheral neuropathies of the feet and legs patent, US-6008456-A: Load switch for a step switch patent, US-6252649-B1: Aligner patent, US-6371787-B1: Pull-to-release type latch mechanism for removable small form factor electronic modules patent, US-6498460-B1: Prioritization-based power management protocol in a computer system patent, US-6553329-B2: System for mapping logical functional test data of logical integrated circuits to physical representation using pruned diagnostic list patent, US-3841256-A: Device for temporarily sealing holes in boats patent, US-3930494-A: Method and apparatus for the indirect measurement of blood pressure patent, US-3964560-A: Power driven ski patent, US-3972799-A: Apparatus for removing solids from drilling mud patent, US-4027227-A: Combination voltage regulating system patent, US-4048960-A: Slotted surface flooring for use in animal husbandry patent, US-4103542-A: Metrology instrument for measuring vertical profiles of integrated circuits patent, US-4113732-A: Manufacture of benzothiazoles patent, US-4121197-A: Matrix circuit for an electrostatic recording device comprising cross-point elements for driving each pair of control electrodes on a common matrix conductor patent, US-4143314-A: Closed loop solar array-ion thruster system with power control circuitry patent, US-4145014-A: Method and device for automatically positioning a flexible elongate member in a storage basket rotatable about a vertical axis patent, US-4147313-A: Bail latching and releasing mechanism for spin fishing reel patent, US-4238011-A: Device for changing the gears automatically on a synchronized gearbox patent, US-4248029-A: Case packer loading device patent, US-4279508-A: Method and apparatus for testing air filters and the like patent, US-4361319-A: Bin for receiving sheets patent, US-4364260-A: Engine with knock sensing apparatus having multiple frequency tuning patent, US-4691208-A: Ferrite waveguide scanning antenna patent, US-4712509-A: Enclosure constructions for fish breeding patent, US-4712797-A: Golf putter with sighting device patent, US-4887457-A: Fixture and method of testing for soft package leak integrity patent, US-4887619-A: Method and apparatus for treating particulate material patent, US-4907690-A: Device for removing a compacted oil sand layer from a conveyor belt patent, US-4940022-A: Feeding gate patent, US-5069064-A: Magnet attachment to spring seat of fuel injection apparatus patent, US-5085597-A: Corrosion protection apparatus patent, US-5150493-A: Pipeline pig patent, US-5686706-A: Dispensable, disposable cover for stethoscopes patent, US-5907563-A: Error control method and apparatus for wireless data communication patent, US-6261232-B1: Continuous wave transmission/reception type ultrasonic imaging device and ultrasonic probe patent, US-6326522-B1: Process for production of 1,3-di(2-p-hydroxyphenyl-2-propyl)benzene patent, US-6506159-B2: Method and apparatus for improving the accuracy with which the speed of a fluid is measured patent, US-6693715-B2: Fringe analysis method using fourier transform patent, US-6729153-B2: Indoor unit in air conditioner patent, US-3826940-A: Rotor construction for squirrel cage motor patent, US-3832737-A: Shirt collar having a drainage channel patent, US-3853333-A: Auxiliary safety wheel patent, US-3864207-A: Papermaking Machine Suction Box with Vibratory Movement having both Longitudinal and Vertical Components patent, US-3905218-A: Winding apparatus for sheet metal strip patent, US-3919338-A: Improved process for the liquid phase chlorination of C{HD 8{B {14 C{HD 16 {B paraffin hydrocarbons patent, US-4009669-A: Knife block for tufting machines patent, US-4039944-A: Moving coil electrical instrument patent, US-4046868-A: Production of hydrogen peroxide patent, US-4048682-A: Bed pan patent, US-4051782-A: Dosing device on an ink fountain patent, US-4067604-A: Vehicle roof patent, US-4072114-A: Contour tracing sewing machine patent, US-4096367-A: Gas insulated circuit breaker incorporating complete modular interrupter structure and operating mechanism patent, US-4102616-A: Rotary piston internal combustion engine and rotor thereof patent, US-4106317-A: Freezer lock assembly with key ejecting mechanism patent, US-4121534-A: Adjustment means for handbells patent, US-4124756-A: 3-DE-O-Methylfortimicins patent, US-4147396-A: High speed rotor system patent, US-4164143-A: Ultrasonic amplifier detector patent, US-4237947-A: Compartmentalized coupon carrying case patent, US-4259485-A: Crystallization process patent, US-4307093-A: Animal feed and process patent, US-4402876-A: Production of 2-benzazepines patent, US-4421483-A: Delivery system for dental instruments or the like patent, US-4517543-A: SME overcurrent protective apparatus having ambient temperature compensation patent, patent, patent, 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